We provide cloud-based Asset Management/Control and Training Record Keeping.

What do you do for training? Some one stand-alone program? Excel sheet? Notepad? Napkin?

What about equipment/machine tracking? It probably sits on an asset list somewhere? Do you limit access, track use? How?

Ok. If whatever you're doing works I have no idea why you're reading this but that's great. If you're looking for a change and something inbetween whatever you're doing and a full on self-hosted mega-application, that'll likely still be stand-alone.. you're in the right place.

Still here? Okay.. we have more. What if you could limit access to your equipment (and spaces), track time on equipment, track user use, generate reports against users and or equipment maybe even as a basis of billing or cost determination? We also have some integration options on top of all of that.
Finally, and optionally integrated, training record keeping and can tie into equipment access, even generate refresher requirements/drop access if a user hasn't used it in enough time.
But what about? We're looking for projects and features to add. Ask us, maybe we'll roll it out for you.

Right now we are in a limited beta rollout for makerspaces and manufacturing. Email chas at this domain for details.

- Chas